Production Capacity


Each day, our 500 employees provide top quality, delivery and value to customers; each year, over 15,000,000 Chinese people use our products. With highly automated equipments, and sophisticated QC progresses, the product quality and production capacity are guaranteed.
30000 tons of soaps
100,000 tons of liquid detergent products
70000 tons washing powder
30000 tons household paper products
3 million normally carton mosquito coil per year
50 million cans of aerosols be assembled and filled



The consumer is the boss, all the innovation from the demand of consumers. Our attention and study consumer demand and technological innovation, to meet their changing needs. Over the years, the company’s R & D personnel constantly bringing new products to the consumer side, with actions to fulfill the close and beautify the lives of consumers commitment.

Our products are the most preferred natural health, environmental protection, convenient life, in order to basic activities easily overlooked R & D in daily life and re select raw materials. We make full use of those qualities but not much difference between due to the appearance is not beautiful and abandon things, such as industrial raw materials, found all over the world the procurement of raw materials, cheap and timely to ensure adequate supply of raw materials, manufacturing cheap goods.


We thoroughly examine on the whole process of production. Only to retain the necessary production processes and products without essence independent redundant processing process (such as the uniform size of the sorting and processing raw materials, so shiny) those originally due to size or shape specifications such as poor and abandoned to manufacturing the product. This is to make full use of raw materials, reduce the cost of the product of the practical manufacturing. We use the uniform packaging and use the generic container. In the production of simple products at the same time, but also can save the earth’s resources, reduce waste emissions. All products store display the simple packaging only printing components and other basic information, and labeled.


Quality Control System

Passed ISO9001 Quality Management System/ ISO14001Environmental Management System Certification. And been honored with “Creditable & Sincere Company”, “AAA Level Quality Creditable Company in China”, “Company with Good Credibility in Jiangsu Province” by National Ministry of Agriculture and National Development and Reform Commission


We have the strict quality control procedures in our products. The first step is certainly the quality control in the packing materials. Every lot packing materials arrived our warehouse we have the QC people to do inspection on it, and if not reach the standard, we will not accept and ask the supplier to supplement the unqualified packing materials again. Secondly is the quality control of the work site. All production of all products we have our special inspection people to inspect the quality during the production. Thirdly, after the production, we also inspect the finished products to ensure the loading goods are well to delivery to our customers. Also we will leave some samples in every production.

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